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Portable Factory

Our Smartpipe® portable factory is mobilized to the work site, set up and calibrated. The continuous manufacturing produces product at approximately one mile per day. The portable manufacturing plant is enclosed in a longitudinal, domed tent, configured to fit in a space close to, or on the pipeline. The production line starts with the butt-fusion of the core, non-pressure-bearing pipe before specialty materials are added. These materials provide Smartpipe's axial and hoop strength. A monitoring cable and protective outer layers are systematically added. Quality control standards on the portable manufacturing are second to none and the factory’s relatively small crews are highly trained in their individual positions.

C-Formed Close Fit or Standalone

In the case of a system being inserted into a host steel pipeline, the Smartpipe® is C-formed prior to the insertion. This reduces the circumference by approximately 30%. After the pull through, the C-formed pipe is then re-rounded to become a close fit inside the host pipeline.

Long Continuous Lengths

By using the above portable factory, Smartpipe® can be manufactured in long continuous lengths of up to several miles. This means that the complete pipeline right of way does not need to be dug up to replace the pipeline. The long continuous lengths mean that intermittent couplings are not required, which is also an advantage.




Smartpipe® can be custom manufactured to a range of diameters, and designed as a “close fit” inside a host pipeline for maximizing product flow capacity. As an alternative, a smaller diameter Smartpipe® (i.e. 6”) can be inserted in a larger diameter host steel pipeline (i.e. 12”), thus adapting the existing pipeline for current requirements.



The Smartpipe® system can be designed to accommodate any pressure rating up to 1,000 psi, with safety factors greater than those for steel pipelines. Additionally, Smartpipe® can be utilized within a degraded steel host pipeline, returning the system to, or exceed the original pipeline rating.



High-strength pulling tapes are laid longitudinally along the Smartpipe® system, allowing a pull of several miles through a host steel pipeline. An additional advantage is the utilization of our portable factory, allowing Smartpipe® production on-site.



Smartpipe®  is an embedded fiber optic monitoring system that allows the pipeline operator to have a much better reaction time to potential events. The 24/7 monitoring is accurate to approximately one meter and can identify leaks and any pipeline movement, including any third party intrusion, the most common cause of pipeline accidents.



Smartpipe® can be manufactured and installed at a current average rate of approximately 1 mile per day. Also, due to the minimal disruption to the right of way, the preparation period is lessened, as fewer permits are required.



Smartpipe® is a non-disruptive pipeline replacement technology. We use the existing pipeline infrastructure to bring in a new generation of pipeline. Even though we a predominantly inserted into an existing pipeline, Smartpipe® is designed and can be laid as a stand-alone system.

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