Pipeline Replacement Technology

Without the Disturbance

Smartpipe® in anUrban Environment Smartpipe® in anEcological Preserve New Smartpipe® in anIndustrial Area

Urban Environment

In an urban situation, there are concerns over the potential risk to the public, should there be a gas leak that may result in an explosive event, or a fresh water main break or a crude oil spill. These would cause lasting damage to the community and environment and disruption to the public should roads, private property, etc. have to be shut down for repairs or replacement. In the former case, quite often a gas leak can allow the gas to accumulate to an explosive level before the leak is identified. With Smartpipe® the risk would be identified early, prior to an event, thus allowing the pipeline operator to deploy preventative measures and early response procedures thus limiting and containing potential damage. The issues associated with having to inconvenience the public by shutting down roads, etc. increases the likelihood of accidents and will impact the reputation of the pipeline operator and industry as a whole. The main causes of a pipeline incident are either third party intrusion (someone digging into the pipeline) or corrosion. Smartpipe® is non-corroding and will alert the operator to the fact someone is approaching their pipeline.

Ecological Environment

In an environmentally sensitive location, quite often the operator is faced with several months or years of planning and permitting to be allowed access to the pipeline right of way. With Smartpipe®, we only need access to two locations – at operator selected entry and exit points of the installation. With Smartpipe®, leaks can be identified early and accurately and the fact that Smartpipe® is non-corroding, minimizes the long term maintenance that is required on the pipeline.

Industrial Environment

Smartpipe® is a composite pipeline system that eliminates the need for corrosion control and excessive pigging. Because it can be used inside an existing pipeline, it is perfect for situations where congestion of existing pipelines is an issue. With the use of the fiber optic monitoring system, Smartpipe® can detect and locate any disturbances within one meter, with notification sent to a SCADA system, pipeline control room and with data sent directly to a Smart Phone.

Non-invasive pipeline replacement

No Dig, Trenchless Technology

Access difficult areas -

Several Miles in One Continuous Pull

Make informed decisions with

Embedded Fiber Optic Monitoring & Communications

Smartpipe® New Life For Aging Pipelines
Protective Outer Cover
Retention Windings
High Strength Fiber Wrap
Fiber Optic Monitoring and Communication Cable
High Strength Pulling Tapes

Large Customized Diameter

Smartpipe® can be custom manufactured to a range of diameters, and designed as a "close fit" inside a host pipeline for maximizing product flow capacity. As an alternative, a smaller diameter Smartpipe® (i.e. 6") can be inserted in a larger diameter host steel pipeline (i.e. 12"), thus adapting the existing pipeline to current flow and product requirements.

High Pressure

The Smartpipe® system is designed with safety factors greater than those for steel pipelines. Additionally, Smartpipe® can be utilized within a degraded steel host pipeline, returning the system to, or exceeding the original pipeline rating.

Long Pull Lengths

High-strength pulling tapes are laid longitudinally along the Smartpipe® system, allowing a pull of several miles through a host steel pipeline. This unique advantage is achieved by of our portable factory, allowing continuous Smartpipe® production on-site.

Fiber Optic Monitoring

Smartpipe® embedded fiber optic monitoring and communication system gives the pipeline operator real-time information on potential threats. The 24/7 monitoring is accurate to approximately one meter and can identify leaks and any pipeline movement, including any third party intrusion, the most common cause of pipeline accidents.

Faster Project Completion

Smartpipe® can be manufactured and installed at a rate of approximately 1 mile per day. Also, due to the minimal disruption to the right of way, the permitting and preparation period is shortened.

Used with a Host or Standalone

Smartpipe® is a non-intrusive pipeline replacement technology. We use the existing pipeline infrastructure to bring in a new generation of pipeline. Even though we are predominantly inserted into an existing pipeline, Smartpipe® is designed and can be laid as a stand-alone system.

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Portable Factory

Our Smartpipe® portable factory, that is contained in a climate controlled enclosure, is mobilized to the work site close to the right-of-way, set up and calibrated. The continuous manufacturing produces product at approximately one mile per day. Quality control standards on the portable manufacturing unit are second to none and the relatively small crews are highly trained in their individual positions.

C-Formed Close Fit or Standalone

In the case of a system being inserted into a host steel pipeline, the Smartpipe® is C-formed prior to the insertion. This reduces the circumference by approximately 30%. After the pull through, the C-formed pipe is then re-rounded to become a close fit inside the host pipeline.

Long Continuous Lengths

By using the above portable factory, Smartpipe® can be manufactured in long continuous lengths of up to several miles. This means that the complete pipeline right of way does not need to be dug up to replace the pipeline. The long continuous length mean that intermittent coupling are not required, which is also an advantage.

Featured Case Studies

6th International Offshore Pipeline Forum

Practical pull lengths for offshore thermoplastic pipe liner systems.

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Featured Case Studies

Smartpipe Specification Sheet

Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM F2896-11 & API RP 15S

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